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A dedicated value investor-I grew up as an international student with experiences living under multiple cultures. I aim to take advantage of my diversity and language skills by absorbing the knowledge from the value-oriented community in the U.S., and deliver the wisdom of Buffett and Munger to the Mandarin-speaking world.

I used to intern and work under multiple financial institutions, most notably two value-oriented hedge funds in Shanghai, China and the United States. I am managing an investment fund in China and a number of investment portfolios for friends and families, and allocate their capital to businesses with long-term value at an attractive price.

I idolize Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, and aim to become a value-oriented voice in the irrational and particularly speculative market.


身為一位亞洲長大的海外留學生,我從大學開始就對 「價值投資」 以及研究亞洲和美國的公司十分有興趣.隨後我也在幾個大型金融機構工作和實習,從創投,財富管理,到後來兩個以價值投資為核心的投資公司進行研究

我對於投資及研究企業非常有熱情.我平日專注於研究在亞洲和美國的企業, 且透過閱讀和學習像會計跟證券分析這類的書籍來增進我評估企業價值的專業.我目前除了管理自己的基金以外,也有幫家人及朋友在管理資金,主要的投資為美國及亞洲擁有長期價值的企業,然後用對的價格買進公司,做資金配置

我尊崇巴菲特和他的合夥人查理蒙格, 且努力想成為像他們一樣, 在這投機且不理性的市場中少數以價值的角度去看投資和企業的一個投資人 


Warren Buffett -華倫.巴菲特,全世界最成功的投資人,也是我的偶像


我在當兵期間開始在 lins-value.blogspot.tw 部落格寫文章,隨後建立這網站


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